UPDATE: Andrew Spencer’s Mother Charged With Arson

UPDATE: In the charging documents there was a protection order for Michael Dahl, I couldn’t figure out why because he merely owned the property. It just dawned on me that the assessor values the property at 71,000.00 but this man got a check for 118,000.00 which as I said is 47,000.00 over the value.

This same man let the criminal activity go on for years and did nothing about George Hatt’s criminal activity on his property and not once did the sheriff ever threaten to seize the property even after 100’s of police calls to the property. Why?

He claimed that George had been squatting there for years to authorities. Years? Who lets someone squat on their place for years?

It also occurs to me that if they charge Andrews family with a crime, the family can’t go after, Michael Dahl, the Snohomish County Sheriff, and the County for negligence.

If in fact the cops would’ve done their job, and the property owner would’ve done his due diligence to get George Hatt off his land then Andrew would still be alive.

So why would the county protect a home owner who has literally caused this problem? I understand why the county protects the officers, they have to.

If this isn’t proof that they were all working together and allowing this to continue then I don’t know what is.

I have also added some photos below of the place Andrew spent his last few hours on this earth.


One of Andrew Spencer’s mothers Cindy, has been charged with arson for setting fire to the man’s house who murdered her son.

The charges were filed the day before his murderer George Hatt was sentenced.

This is what happens when you cross a Snohomish County Sheriff snitch and “business associate”.

It appeared that throughout George Hatt’s trial that the state did everything they could to throw the case, not up front, but on technicalities.

Just the fact that they put one of their worst Brady Cops David Fontenot on this case, and didn’t disclose his entire Brady file lets anyone with more then 2 brain cells know that they were trying to throw the case.

A witness who was at the trial said the prosecutors looked more surprised than Mr Hatt did when they announced the guilty verdict.

Mr Hatt worked for and fed information to the Snohomish County Sheriffs to get himself out of trouble for years and it is suspected that he may have gotten away with far more murders then just Andrew Spencer.

The difference is that Andrew Spencer had a family who would fight for him and fight back.

Mark Roe, and Lisa Paul are trying to make sure that they pay for that.

Lisa Paul is now in charge of all of the drug cases in SnoCo but she is making the jump to Arson charges to retaliate against someone who’s crossed her friends.

It may sound outrageous, but as you know I may not always be able to post the proof I have but I do have it.

Funny thing is that Jason Schwarz, George Hatt’s attorney, told Mr Hatt that I went to his property and stole his computers. Which means there are computers out there and I am going to find them,

Thanks to a very generous donor we managed to register our sites and domains for the next 5 yrs, get a new theme, with anti-hacking software, get some specialized tech support to put all the safeguards in place, along with the programs needed to open these types of files.

I am still not sure what jury could or would convict a mother for burning down a house of the man who shot her son in the face, stomped him so hard that he pretty much dismembered him, put him in the ground in a pit and started a fire over his body while he sat for days laughing and partying.

Andrew was still alive when he went into that pit. You think about that for a moment: To know that is how your child spent his last moments on this earth.

The story is that she had to get drunk to go up there to say her goodbyes and once she was faced with the scene, and the pit that her son died in she must’ve just lost it.

This is the pit where Andrews body was burned for 2 days while George Hatt sat in front of the fire gloating over his kill

This is the spot, the exact spot where Andrew was shot but not killed, he was still alive when he was put in the burn pit

I have not requested a statement from her for this story because I don’t want them trying to use it against her.

The odd thing, maybe they missed this is that they are claiming the insurance company had to pay Mr Michael Dahl 118,000.00 in damages, but the property and house are only worth 69K

Land value: $38,000 (it was $54,000 in 2010)
Building value: $31,000 (it was $113,200 in 2010)
Total value for property: $69,000 (it was $167,200 in 2010)
Land area: 36,154 square feet
Assessments for tax year: 2015
Building type: Residential
Property class: Single Family Residence – Detached (One Structure)
House type: Split Entry
Grade: Fair
Number of bedrooms: 2
Basement and Lower Level area: 728 square feet
First floor area: 744 square feet
Percent Complete for Structure: 100
Year property was built: 1964
Sale date: 9/24/2013
Sale price: $51,500

So either they are running a scam or they have the dumbest insurance agent this side of the Missouri…

The County Assessor has only assessed it for 2K more…

So where did they come up with 118K figure? I guess that was part of somebodies “cut” because there was nothing on that property worth 47K. Nice take home though, I guess corruption does pay.

At some point George Hatt’s girlfriend is claiming that their cat was killed in the fire, that was an absolute lie, she also claims she was living at the property but that was also a lie.

She got a phone call from a friend who seen people going up there. The other local paper reported that neighbor(s) had called but there was only one.

Seems all these folks know how to do is steal, lie and cheat.

Oh and Lea Espsy “supposedly” just took a plea deal with the FBI for stealing physicians prescribing numbers but they only know about a few,there are many more.

Like I said, unless they fly her through a trial by a jury of prosecutors friends, or she takes a plea deal, I don’t see how anyone could say she was in her right mind enough to know what she was doing.

Sadly with the county’s biggest liars on the case, I’m sure they’ll come up with some story.

I will post the insurance company once I find out who it is. I’m sure they’ll be glad to know that just overpaid 47K for a dump with nothing of value in it.

The biggest problem with this whole thing and the reason I’m not posting the charging documents is that all of her statements are made when she is drunk. For all we know it could’ve caught on fire for any other reason in the world and she thought it would be a great idea to claim responsibility.

I am also being told that someone else set it after her and her group of friends left.

They claim they have an airtight case because she has a lighter in her pocket so watch out all you lighter carrying arsonists, the sheriff may be coming for you too.

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  • Laurel Albright

    I’ll be watching this real close. California’s fines Brady cops. They must have brought George up here with them. They actually had to look around to find someone as smart as them.A mule to sell there product. A snitch to do there job ,for them .And a highly skilled truth violator. Snohomish co. Sheriff’s deputies are know for trying to clean up the locals , because there the real problem. But the real problem seem to be the sheriff dont represent the people of Snohomish County . They represent there true love California. So now you can move in and start running the show , like George did and be happy to know everything is leaning to your corner. Work s great for newbies ,but not so good for the people that build this state. Yah, I’d like to thank all the police and politicians , Well……… for Nothing, Yah Thanks a lot.

    • Brandia

      I have a few of the documents for this but they are filed by Roe and they are so fantastical and delusional that I won’t even give them an audience. It is just ridiculous from beginning to end. Those documents are what fissed me off so bad that I had to write this story.

      • Laurel Albright

        There charging her because they won’t and will never know .Who did it . Because everyone in the town ,knew the blankity blank George was doing to there town.It was no secret. And they all know the cops won’t do anything,especially if there from where they came from. Totally for You Cindy , We live in a world where the insane will appear to be normal. Like roe.

        • Brandia

          I think they are all dirty. Even the ones who know about it and do nothing are just as guilty because they have the power to stop it.

      • Laurel Albright

        Oh, did I tell you and your news site ROCK and thank you from all of us. No one wants to stand up to the cops around here, because we already know that you don’t get any real police professionals. And don’t worry theres way more then what I have spoken today. Once they destroy every inch of you. You no longer fear them . Because the only thing you have is your birthday,and so far no one seems interested in stealing that from me. So far that is.

  • elizabeth

    she was intoxicated, and in her inebriated, grief stricken state, wryly and sarcastically said she must have started the fire because she had a lighter. They knew this, and if it was thaf cut and dry, why has it taken this long to fike charges? They would love to write the end to this horror story by twisting the wheels of their corruption called justice to turn this inside out and put the sick fuck george hatt back on the streets and put an innocent woman behind bars. But the truth shall prevail.
    “The only thing necessary for evil to exist, is for good people to do nothing”.
    We stand by Cindy, and may Andrew Rest Peacefully, while watching over us all as we take on the injustice of a world turned upside by the influence of man.

    • Brandia

      Can you even imagine as a mother standing in the very spot that your son began the end of his life, a very torturous end? I am not sure what I’d do, I’ve been told that the fire was started after she left. I’m also wondering who really got the insurance check, and how they scammed the extra money off if the property. If you look up above you’ll see I added some new pictures, if you look at them you will see the spot where Andrew was killed and the pit that held his body for so many days.

      • Laurel Albright

        You are so correct. And how do you keep the cat in the house with no windows? And who? Would live in a house like that?Surely not one of the locals . We build this state that all you outsider like George seem to love so much, and we all like nice housing. Thats another clue ! The real people of this state live in fine homes. The cops cannot serve us because they have no idea what shell is going on.

        • Brandia

          The cat is fine even though they abandoned it (which is a felony) but according to what Lea is telling people she made a deal with the FBI for her arrest for stealing Dr’s DEA prescription orders to get pills. I wonder who she threw under the bus or made up lies about to deflect off of their criminal activity

          • Laurel Albright

            Well they like a big time victim.So my money’s on Cindy.

    • Laurel Albright

      Well said!!!! Beautiful word Smith. Thanks

  • Laurel Albright

    Someday I’ll be telling my story of legal abuses by these same sheriff’s. And when they were all done with me . They all went to my x’s house for a bbq at Bob And Linda Crouchs house in the Robe Valley. Along with the charming daughter Paula Crouch who also lives on the property with them. There all from California,and have that take over thing going on. Bob was a correction guy in snoho county jail. Linda worked for marysville police until she got busted for weed and drinking and driving. And there beautiful daughter worked for Granite Falls. Now tell me how they can serve my community well. Because these cops are all close friend because they don’t know anyone here. There also very skilled truth violators like George and Row.

  • Laurel Albright

    These cops should be charged for crimes against humanity. And then they will know the pain they put laurel and Brian, and Cindy and Andrew thought. If they would surely doing there jobs, me and she would have live out are lives with are children like we always thought we would.

    • Brandia

      Don’t forget Echo Lake and Lake Goodwin. If you really want an eye opening experience go to the auditors website and look up how much they didn’t pay for these houses.

      • Laurel Albright

        It’s the L. A. way .As in Los Angels, California.It working so well in L.A. there all moving here.

  • Laurel Albright

    It’s time for the Fed’s to clean up Snohomish Co. Police policy. Amen!!!!!!!##

    • Brandia

      Sadly the Feds are involved at our local level and if you report it to D.C. they just send it back to Washington

  • Laurel Albright

    Oh you mean like after a officer in marysville told me the police department didn’t like me, so I told them I was going to tell on them.And he replied we are self investigated. Once again good for them bad for me and you.