And… We’re Back

Some of you may have noticed that our site went down, judging by the flood of phone calls I got it was more than a few.

So what happened?

I’m currently in Arizona because my 1 yr old granddaughter has had to have several heart surgeries and follow ups, she just recently got a clean bill of health.

I also had a lot of people I needed to connect with down here who have fled Washington state to get interviews and documents from them.

I had saved up enough money over the past year to drive down several times, pay for food and necessities but as is usually the case in my life – stuff happened.

I ended up having to stay longer than anticipated because the baby had 2 heart abnormalities, then my car died from the constant 6 hour round trips to Children’s in Phoenix, but thankfully it died as they pulled into our driveway with her after her last official appointment. So I would say it was bad luck but the truth is it was God’s blessing because that baby wouldn’t have survived anywhere in that desolate desert drive had they broken down.

My money was saved for very specific things but such as life, I discovered that the universe had other plans for it.

I explicitly decided that I was not going to be doing animal rescue for a couple of years just to take a mental health break… yeah right…

Yuma is a God forsaken place to be an animal, upon arrival I discovered this in the worst way when a tiny little kitten drug itself up to my doorstep with maggots in it’s eyes, and in several wounds. After waiting for hours for animal control they finally called and said they don’t do anything for cats because they are considered “nuisance animals” thankfully I got a hold of a rescue here called Yuma Animal Protection and Reporting and even though they tried this little one could not be saved, she also had kitty distemper

As the weeks went by I watched as over 12 of the feral cats here died, slowly and painfully. Sadly as of today there are atleast 15 more to replace them.

The stray dog population is beyond belief, and I happened to arrive at “puppy season” and encountered a pregnant mom with her mate, he would beg for food from everyone but never eat it, just carry it somewhere, so one day I followed him and discovered her. He did this for months and it took me months to gain their trust but eventually I did and the pups were weaned and a rescue that said they would take the family only took the pups and have left the mom and dad so I feed them everyday.

In the meantime I found a momma with 7 puppies all alone, actually I was driving my son to work one morning and I watched her pick up a hawk that had been killed in the middle of the road and the thing was so big that her little back legs weren’t even touching the ground so I followed her and discovered 7 pups. I called animal control who came and trapped 5 puppies and left her and 2 pups, one has since disappeared, so it’s just her and 1 pup but I managed to get someone to feed her on the weekends and provide them water through the week. Her mom died and her family never took the time to find her a home so she stays there every day waiting for her mother’s return.


While I was feeding her on a particularly hot day this little guy walked up to me and took a few drinks of water and collapsed so I got him in the car, wet some towels and turned the air con on medium til he finally came around

There’s been about 12 other dogs I have taken to the Humane Society just running around stray but now they are having a parvo outbreak so I’m just praying that I don’t come across anymore strays…

This one jumped in the car at the park and she’s still here

This little guy had to come back to Washington to find a home the last time I came back

Now it’s a strange situation here, we’ve got the feral cats and chickens but they seem to work together to get the garbage out of the bin to eat. Strangest thing I’ve ever seen but life is cruel here so survival needs to be the first priority I guess. They both live in the dumps that surround the complex. We’ve got a kid here who kills the baby chicks for fun but since they are considered nuisance animals as well no one will do anything about it

I did manage to save one though and get it adopted out.


Problem is in bringing any of them in is that most of them are infested with ticks so they end up kenneled until I can get them cleaned up or to the humane society. This little girl took 2 days to clean up. You can tell by my old Boston’s face he is not not not amused with our temporary house guest

This poor little guy got passed around and kicked around for several weeks

So it was time to pay for my web hosting, and the rest of the bells and whistles, which runs roughly 1500 a year, not counting travel, gas, cost of records, phone, storage for files etc… I managed to borrow enough to get the site back up and running but that’s about it. There’s going to be a lot of things I can no longer do.

I had to make an executive decision if I wanted to watch animals starve and suffer, or keep up the paper. I also was debating if I was going to even continue with the paper or even come back to Washington.

The biggest piece of news is perhaps this: I also made the decision to leave my partner of 15 years. I got entangled with a person 5 yrs ago, and in that time I sought counseling for my anxiety, PTSD, and general depression. Turns out a great deal of it was caused by the situations and people I was involved with. I gained the tools to be able to tell that person to piss off but it took me several more years to finally make the decision to rid of myself of all of the toxic people in my life. In October 2018 I made the leap.

The possibility of losing my youngest grandchild was quite the wake-up call, it forced me into honestly assessing my priorities. Sometimes when you won’t make a decision, life makes it for you.

After this last election I also have to admit I was heartbroken, disgusted, and beyond frustrated. The citizens keep putting the same garbage in office no matter what I do, no matter what proof I offer, and no matter what scandals they become involved in.

The problems still remain, I have changed some things, but it’s a bit like trying to plug a hole in a dam with Swiss cheese.

I understand that a lot of the people who need my help the most are afraid. I started blogging and writing this paper because I was afraid, I still am. Sadly I am now afraid for me and 100’s of others.

I am going to be requesting donations at this point, I have no choice. If you can donate please email me at and I will give you a mailing address but at this point any money I get for myself has to go towards getting a car to get back home, gas, insurance, and repaying the loans I took to get the paper back up. I also have 2 dogs to feed and they are my first priority.

I haven’t done any fundraising in 4 years, I’ve carried this on my back and I’m tired. I’ve had folks tell me they would help, or write, or even donate… that’s usually all it is: just talk. Even a few bucks here and there will add up, trust me. I did have a GoFundMe but a certain person I removed from my life screwed that up so I’ve got to try to figure out another avenue. Also please be aware that any donations will not be tax deductible.

My next request is that my readers submit editorials and stories. I know in the past I have requested that folks don’t do this to protect them but we’ve gotten a bit bigger and more far reaching. Although I haven’t been able to write for months we still have over 10K visits per day, even with the fact that I lost internet for 2 months and my hosting provider completely destroyed my entire website including tags, documents, links, and categories, which I am still trying to repair.

So that’s about it, I’m back and working on tons of stories. The city of Everett has come back after me again which also solidified my resolve to continue doing the newspaper, I thought they had grown a brain cell and were going to leave me alone… but I’ll have some very exciting news about that in another story.