Analysis: WSBA Disbarment of Ms Block

Evidently the Washington State Supreme Court members believe themselves to be far more powerful than the 9th Circuit Court, or the United States Supreme Court.

Ms Block resigned from the Washington State Bar Association in 2014, citing rampant corruption which she has more then proven.

Unfortunately the corruption went much further then she could’ve ever have imagined.

I wasn’t going to even do a story about this after I found out about it the other day, but this needs to be addressed.

First off the WSBA is nothing more then a “club”, just as it says, it is an association that has been given protection in by the Washington State Supreme Court to continue to perpetuate the RICO activities against many lawyers and many more citizens.

It is not a state agency.

It is nothing more then the epitome of the whores watching the whorehouse, full of pedophiles, rapists, zoophiles, woman and child abusers, scam artists and thieves.

(Ms Block had asked me to hold off posting proof of this until she gets through this court matter so she doesn’t get blamed for it but one she gets to the 9th Circuit then I will open the foodgates so you can see what deviants these people really are)

They fancy themselves a state agency, the overlords of all who practice law. It seems you have 2 kinds of lawyers in this state:

Ones who are proud to be a WSBA member because they are benefiting from the scams going on every day.

Ones who are ashamed and afraid of the WSBA.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this is that in their race to trample the First Amendment, they seemed to have missed a very important United States Supreme Court Decision that expressly protected it just recently.

If you want to act like a public agency, and get the protection, then you are beholden to the laws of the land, especially if you want to operate as a quasi judicial agency.

Most disturbing is that I spoke with Ms Block and the Courts gave a copy of the order to the local newspaper even before they served her or her attorney with their final order. I was watching the website to see when the order came down, so I know when it came out.

In order to get some control over the state of injustice going on in this state we need to move the practice of law into a state agency. Most people seem to think we need to eliminate the WSBA but if we moved the activity to a state agency they would most likely cease to exist and they definitely would lose the power they wield over our citizens and honest attorneys.

Imagine a state where attorneys aren’t afraid to fight for their clients.Where an attorney can’t be blacklisted for going against a city, county, or state agency.

Imagine a state where the bad attorneys are held accountable for their behavior. Where judges and prosecutors could actually be prosecuted for their bad rulings or actions.

Imagine the millions of dollars we could save for the state in lawsuits that will never happen because they would be afraid to violate citizens rights in the first place.

So basically the mean boys and girls club has ganged up on yet another former attorney, that is not anything to be ashamed of, it is just a symptom of the rampant corruption in this state that needs to stop.

Fortunately they went after her for several non-clients lies and created such a clusterfluck of crimes against her rights that once this goes to the 9th Circuit they are going to get blasted just like they did in the Joshua Frost case

They believe they are above the law just as King County did and that came back to bite them, and I believe this is the case that will topple the WSBA, and the Judiciary in this state.

It should be noted that Justice Barbara Madsen has signed a good deal of the orders against Ms Block including the one that refused to give her oral arguments and she also signed the last order but for some reason she felt compelled to lie to The Stranger’s editorial board and claim she had never heard of her.



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  • Miller

    One has to wonder why they would go to such lengths to “dis-bar” an attorney who resigned? This seems to be unprecedented and as such suggests that Ms. Block was wise to resign. . this is a case that deserves scrutiny by the 9th Circuit and I will be eagerly awaiting that decision. Regardless of what anyone says Ms. Block has done a lot to bring to the light of day many issues and deserves credit for that. Without her dedication to getting at the truth we might still be subjected to a corrupt administration at the county, and we wouldn’t have learned about the connections between the players and individuals both in and outside of government. It saddens me that time is wasted on efforts like dis-barring someone who resigned from the WSBA instead of focusing our energy on the real issues of homelessness; foreclosure fraud; the drug epidemic to name a few.

    • Brandia

      The WSBA is only interested in their own needs wants and whims. They have wielded such power in this state that they got careless. I’m just glad that someone has finally fought them hard enough to drag them into the 9th circuit and into the light. There are quite a few folks running scared now, as they should be.