What Are “Brady” Cops?

I get this question quite a bit. Because I have been abused by the legal "system" I know what it is and I assume that others should know too. Most folks do not bother with learning any of this until they have to...

Mission Statement – History of Our Cause

I know I've been slow in posting lately but I am working on stories about some of the biggest agencies in this state. They involve: The Supreme Court, The Appeals Court, The Western District Court, The Washingt...

Man Arrested For the Death of Shannon Yeager

Everett Police sent out a news release that an arrest has been made in the death of Shannon Yeager. There is only one person who was just booked for probable cause

Missing And Endangered Antonio Neill

Antonio was last seen on the afternoon of December 12th 2016 It appears he may have just fallen off the face of the earth. The evening before he went missing he had a friend come and pick him up after spending the ...

WSBA in Trouble Again

Peeling back another layer of the rotten onion that is the Washington State Bar (Association/Club) with yet another not so flattering headline

Missing and Endangered Sara Mease

Sara is an extremely vulnerable adult. At 4:30 pm on June 10th, 2017 she left her home in Everett to catch a bus to Mount Vernon. She did not make it to her destination, On June 16, 2017 she contacted a family m...

Road Rage Shooting Leaves One in Critical Condition in Everett

Posted on: May 29, 2017

Road rage shooting leaves one in critical condition

One Year Ago Brandon “Bubba” Perecz Went Missing

After a year, there have been no answers in the disappearance of Brandon "Bubba" Perecz

Reward For Information About the Death of Patricia Devalkeneer AKA Shorty

Several days ago a young woman,

UPDATE: Let’s Play: What Would You Do?


Lets do something a little bit different today folks... Several months ago I received dozens...

Kevin Hulten At It Again

Well it seems former aide to Aaron Reardon, Kevin Hulten has hit rock bottom http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/may/11/colville-newspaper-editor-charged-with-shoplifting/ The thefts occurred ...

Accused Sex Offender Stephen Canter Using Head Start As His Address

Stephen Canter who was busted earlier last year in a Washington State Patrol Sting is using for his home address a commercial property that houses - Head Start.

Spokane County Sheriff Abduction of a Disabled Man

Spokane County Sheriff's Office is being run by a tyrants, and murderers. They are not afraid to beat a citizen beyond recognition and they are being led by the King of corruption Sheriff Ozzie Knezov...

Why Animal Rescue Needs To Be Regulated Part 1

A plethora of cute little adoptable dogs are flooding in from California and Taiwan while the bigger less adoptable ones from our state are murdered in our shelters every day. Most "Rescues" in our state operate wi...

Dirty Dirt, Cover Ups, and Contractors

While going through some public records at the beginning of February, I noticed a violation in regards to land use up in Arlington, outside of the city limits. It was mildly interesting but I didn't think much of i...